“My name is Zack K. and I have suffered from stomach and digestion problems for years now. After years of experimenting with different diets etc, I read about eating fermented food. So I gave a try buying sauerkraut. The last 2 months I have been eating a half a cup of sauerkraut every day and have had zero stomaches since. I want to thank MacDonalds Farm for making such amazing products loaded with health stomach rich probiotics. Thanks, Zack”


“Thank you so much for the fermented veggies you are selling at Sauders in Seneca falls! I just had to write you a quick note. I’m just finishing up my first trimester (this will be my fifth), and I’ve never felt this ill. Barely had morning sickness with my other pregnancies. But this has been torture! The last two months I’ve been day and night battling with nausea, and if I can explain it like this, hot miserable intestines. Then a few days ago I felt literally guided to a jar of your fermented beans at Sauders. They were the first thing that tasted good to me in two months. I thought, gee, my body must need this! So I went back and bought a jar of power sauerkraut and pickles. Wow, I’m onto something, because I’m feeling so much better. My gut must have been in bacterial distress! So thank you, THANK YOU!”