MacDonald Farms has been growing organic food and making health products since the early 1970s.

Inspired by living naturally and in harmony with the earth, founders Thomas and Shelley MacDonald have been pioneers in many aspects of the organic and health food movements. Together they have been growing organic vegetables and preparing fermented foods for over forty years.

They bring their experience and wisdom in selecting high-quality ingredients and method to make delicious tasting naturally fermented probiotic pickled products such as sauerkraut, cucumber pickles, and kim chi.

Reminiscent of pickling styles of old Europe and Asia with current understanding of how fermented foods benefit health—MacDonald Farms products please everyone in flavor and give confidence of a health promoting food to enjoy with every meal.

MacDonald Farms naturally fermented probiotic products can be found at food markets in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and at Festivals around the Northeast throughout the year. Check Events & Stores for more information.